The last demo CD, ironically called iRob, dates back to 2005 and is divided into 4 tracks.

Intro: “am I conceited?”

Track 1

Sometimes, no…often, he brags, but don’t put him on a guilt trip!

The real demo: “but... no!”

Track 2

Here we can appreciate the flexibility of Roberto’s voice and personality always between serious and playful.

No more advertisements: “stuck-up actor”

Track 3

One thing that Roberto loves doing is reading. It doesn’t matter what… as long as it stimulates him. He says: “as long as it’s written to be said and not only to be read”. You could think he prefers funny readings because he likes joking but it’s exactly the opposite. Give him a sad, nostalgic passage full of dreams ….you will make him happy!

You can find more in the section “other readings”

The essential: iRob in 40”

Track 4

The most useful track in show business: knowing what to do without wasting time.